BERGaufRODEL - the sledge that goes uphill

The only patented and certified solution for transport of sledges and toboggans by means of T-bar and disc lifts.

The sport of tobogganing is booming. Not only vacaioners, but also many locals are rediscovering the passion for the fun winter fun. Ski resorts, mountain huts and excursion destinations from Lake Garda to the Alps and the Thuringian Forest are benefiting from the newly kindled passion for sledding. Especially for small ski resorts, huts and excursion destinations, the mountain transport of sledges and their driver has always been a special challenge.


  • Suspension device: This patented and certified device solves the issue of transporting the tobogganer and toboggan with T-bar and platter lifts.
  • Reversing lock: The reversing lock prevents uncontrolled movement against the towing direction during uphill tobogganing, e.g. due to unexpected events such as a torn rope.Rückfahrsperre.
  • Hand brake: The brake path reduces by up to two thirds when the hand brake is operated, no matter the track properties. The hand brake is equally easy to operate for toboggan pros or beginners.
  • Automatic toboggan brake: The installed brake trips automatically as soon as there is no weight on the toboggan seat anymore, thereby preventing it from taking off on its own. This guarantees a safe ride.

The must have for every tobbogan rental

The many features of our toboggans satisfy the strong safety needs of inexperienced riders, families, and older people. We not only offer safe uphill transport, but also permit a safe downhill race without reducing action or fun.


With the number of toboggan fans, the number of accidents has also been rising sharply for several years. In Austria alone thousands of people have to be treated in hospital every year after tobogganing accidents. Handbrake and automatic toboggan brake, as well as the detailed safety information, can help to reduce the accident risk of your guests significantly.

This is what some of the more than 30 satisfied customers say:

Customer 1: in use since 2014 in the 2018/19 season approx. 3500 hours (à EUR 14,--) sold. "The sledding turnover on our T-bar doubled from season to season"

Customer 2: in the first season 2018/19 to the strongest days up to 1400 single trips (à EUR 4,--). "A great idea, high quality execution, the BERGaufRODEL will prevail!

Customer 3: in the 2nd season 2018/19 at the night toboggan up to 200 hours (à EUR 17,--) sold. "Great enthusiasm from my guests from day one. Even the drag lift transport is an experience."

"The BERGaufRODEL is a specially built safety sled with many features that will expand the range of activities in your ski area and make it more attractive for new guests." , DI Reinhard Ferner (Inventor of the BERGaufRODEL)

Photos: © by BERGaufRODEL, Tonnerhütte