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The Sunkid small ski lift programme


The extensive Sunkid lift programme is developed and produced by our subsidiaries Bruckschlögl GmbH and Borer Lift AG, which can draw on 50 years of experience and almost 4,000 lift installations together. The Sunkid lift modular system allows the combination of more than 80 different types. Choose based on available terrain, desired lift capacity, and snow conditions.

With this system, we position ourselves as the complete supplier for innovative logistics solutionsup to a length of approx. 350 m.


  • Maximum slope: 40

  • Conveying capacity of max. 720 pers/h

  • Certified to the new EU directive 2016/424

  • Development and production by renowned ropeway manufacturers Bruckschlögl and Borer

  • Lengths up to approx. 350 metres possible

  • Possible combinations of up to 80 lift types


Our products:

Mega Comfort Star



Comfort Star



Swiss Cord



Pino Cord




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