Pino Cord

This model is a low profile ski lift with a low-hanging lead-rope for slopes with up to approx. 125m (410' ft) and with a gradient of max. 15%.

  • motor power 3,0 KW (4 PS)
  • max. transport legth 125m (410' ft)
  • ATLAS polyamide fiber rope with rubber-grips
  • 3x400 V
  • variable speed control by frequency-converter from 0 to 2,0m/sec. (395 ft/min)
  • portable and pluggable e-box
  • folded stopgabe at the bottom and top stations
  • max. grade for beginner 15%, commuter lift up to 20%
  • aluminium leight weight design
  • anchoring of stations by 2 subterranean hooks or foundation concrete
  • weight 300kg (660 lbs), heaviest part 180kg (400 lbs)
  • 3kW (4 PS) drive motor in bottom-station only
  • height adjustment
  • motor-driven height adjustment of bottom station from 0,65m (26'' in) up to 1,05m (41'' in)
  • manual height adjustment of top station by hoist 1,2m (47'' in) up to 3,0m (118'' in)
  • capacity: up to 720 people per hour