Winter offers so many opportunities, fun, and adventure away from skiing –

so why miss out?

Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is a trendy and action-packed pastime for all age groups and has enjoyed enormous popularity for years now.

Snow tubing involves sliding down a specifically designed track. The track can be equipped with numerous wave tracks or curves as desired. Snow jumping is also very popular with children. They will slide down a straight incline over a large ramp and land safely in a huge cushion of air. Another adrenaline kick is that the tubes turn in all possible directions. The tubes cannot be steered.

Snow parks are an alternative to skiing or an attraction in the snow for non-winter sports enthusiasts. This leisure activity can also be operated for just a few hours during the day and/or in the evening (when the track is illuminated).

Borer is on hand to help you with every aspect of tubing:     

  • The very highest quality snow tubes in many different models    
  • Transport system for tubes and tubers– the Sunkid Wonder Carpet conveyor    
  • Consulting on the design and operation of a tubing facility  

Snow Tubing parks as a meeting place for the entire family


Winter tubing in the Tobogganing Park Leysin