Action & Fun 4 Everyone

The Sunline is all about interactive experience. It merges fun, action, and adventure in a unique result. The route design, similar to that of a cross-route, with tunnels, curves, jumps, and many other elements, adds an entirely new dimension to winter sport.

The interactive elements distributed along the route, such as the sound high five, the Sunline rainbow bridge, and others, awaken an adventuring spirit and playfulness even in many athletic alpine skiers.

Since every mountain, every skiing area, and every slope are unique, every Sunline is a tailor-made solution. This not only applies to route design and the interactive elements along the slope, but also to the graphic design and layout: only UNIQUE is MEMORABLE!



A Sunline isn’t a project to be completed within a few days. Selection of the slope, measurements and processing of the terrain data, joint development of a custom design, as well as production of the elements and setup of the entire facility do take some time. Therefore, it is best if you inquire right away to let us develop your unique Sunline together.