Moves young and old and stimulates imagination!

The diverse carousel not only represents fun and entertainment, but is ideal as a training device in skiing schools: as a classical carousel with swings, a tubing carousel in summer and winter, for skiing students and many other purposes. Both you and your guests will love our Rotondo.

  • The deep is adjustable. This garantees that various performance or age levels can be instructed at the Sunkid Rotondo.
  • Kids make a funny and safe experience, balancing, gliding, sliding and turning round and round on skis.
  • Pulling on the carousel teaches to use the lift. So the first pre-knowlegdes for lift driving can be collected.
  • The danger of injury is very low, because kids practise without ski sticks.
  • Power saving and playful practising
  • Because of the adjustable speed, the kids learn to control the speed.
  • Every exercize can be made in both directions