Summer Tubing

For years now customers have approached us wanting to know how they can use their already installed infrastructure all year round.

  • Do you want to use your Wonder Carpet conveyor, your rope lift or your snow tubes all year round?     
  • Are you looking for a way to make your resort even more attractive to guests in summer?      
  • If so then summer tubing from Sunkid is just what you’ve been looking for. With this new crazy you can offer your guests unlimited fun 365 days a year.

In cooperation with our Italian Partner Neveplast since 2004 is able to realise this wish for the very fist time. Summer tubing involves the guests gliding speedily but safely downhill on artificial matting with raised sides using normal snow tubes with a reinforced bottom. The tubing track is built straight onto the ground with no need for foundations or any other additional structures. 

The Advantages of a Summer Tubing Facility:    

  • A wider and more attractive range of activities during the summer months.    
  • Depending on the length of the facility and how intensively it is used a summer tubing track can even pay for itself by the end of the first season!   
  • No excavation work necessary to flatten terrain.    
  • A summer tubing facility can generally be run and supervised by just one person.    
  • Matting has consistent sliding properties, thus allowing guests to control their speed easily.    
  • Modular construction means that the length and location of the tubing facility can be changed at any time.    
  • Normal snowtubes with a reinforced bottom are used on the summer tubing facility, allowing for the same snowtubes to be used in winter as well.    
  • Guests and tubes are transported using a Wonder Carpet conveyor.    
  • Therefore, all hardware (both tubes and conveyor) can be used all year round